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Tools we are developing can be found on our GitHub page:

             Source codeBioconductor R package​, ManuscriptR Shiny App

  • QUIN: A query tool to build chromatin, annotate and query chromatin interaction networks. A web server for Querying and Visualizing Chromatin Interaction Networks. QuIN is developed in Java and JavaScript, utilizing an Apache Tomcat web server and MySQL database and the source code is available under the GPLV3 license. 

             Source codeWeb serverManuscript  

  • BiFET: an enrichment test for TF footprinting analyses. A test designed to reduce the false positive enrichments in TF footprinting analyses. 

             Source codeBioconductor R packageManuscript

  • PEAS: Predicting enhancers from ATAC-seq: A neural network method to predict enhancers from ATAC-seq data an enrichment test for TF footprinting analyses. 

             Source codeManuscript          

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