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Current members
Duygu Ucar, PhD

Associate Professor

PhD: Ohio State University, Computer Science 

Postdoctoral Studies:  University of Iowa, Stanford University 

I am a scientist with interdisciplinary training in computer science, epigenomics, and the biology of aging. The overarching goal of my lab is to uncover how epigenetic programs are disrupted in primary human cells with aging and age-related diseases, with a special focus on the immune system. 


Asa Thibodeau, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate

PhDUniversity of Connecticut, Computer Science

Asa is developing machine learning models including deep learning methods to integrate and infer regulatory function of genomic and epigenomics data to uncover regulatory functions of noncoding regulatory regions and their gene targets. 


Neerja Katiyar


M.S. George Mason University

Neerja is analyzing chromatin interaction datasets from human cells and integrating these datasets with other genomic profiles and GWAS variants for complex diseases. She is also analyzing single cell data from aged mammary tissues. 

Alper Eroglu 

Research Associate

M.S. Bilkent University, Turkey, Computer Science

Alper is developing computational tools to better annotate clusters from scATAC-seq datasets and to identify doublet/multiplet cells. 

Siddhartha Sharma

Research Associate

M.S. Georgia Institute of Technology,  Bioinformatics

Sid is analyzing single cell RNA-seq and ATAC-seq datasets to uncover genomic remodeling associated with COVID-19. 

Eishani Sokolowski

Graduate Student, UCHC

Eishani is studying the effect of age and sex on primary human immune and islet cells. 

Administrative assistant
  • Jessica Ricci (Jess.Ricci[at] 

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